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Fact Sheets about Microwaves

Microwave Fact Sheets:

In the following pages, you will find reproductions of our information leaflets covering the following areas:

MAFF - Food Sense Guidelines
Microwave Ovens are Safe - The Facts
A Guide for Students
Choosing a Domestic Microwave Oven
Essential Information for Caterers
Frequently asked Questions
Give them 5 in 5 and save a Fiver
Ask the Experts
Microwaves - Myth Vs Reality
Food re-heating instructions - a key element in the delivery of safe, high quality food

These pages are printable on A4 paper (portrait), however, multiple copies of any of these leaflets are available (at a rate of £45/100 UK only - a discount is available if you require more than 500 copies), please contact us here to discuss your requirements.